{have a soak}


{have a soak} 


The creations and offerings from {have a soak} come from my love of experiencing unique high quality soaking salts, oils, and skin butters for my own self care rituals and my passion for self care education to offer my massage therapy clients, friends, and family for their at home wellness.

The importance of clean ingredients with clients and {have a soak} products is a part of my life and work. I've been creating custom organic jojoba and essential oil blends for client sessions for decades which has inspired the jojoba + essential oil blends in the moisturizing and mineral rich soaking salts blends and the  bath + body oils {studio blends}.


In 2019 we had our first calendula harvest from seed. Calendula is an herbal superhero for the skin. This special intention and process has brought my {seed to product} line to life with {have a soak}.


I start calendula seeds indoors each year from late March - early April. The seedlings are transported to my garden in June and July. I pick and dry the flowers throughout the growing season and the dried calendula flowers are infused in organic jojoba for 3 months before straining. The solar infusions and dried petals have made an appearance in my garden botanical bath tea, and customer favorite: moisturize foot soak.

All of the ingredients sourced in my herbal blends are of organic or wild harvest origin, or directly from my gardens - never sprayed. The soaking salts are of the highest quality and unique varieties.  My bath blends are meant to be used and enjoyed.

Pure Balance Therapeutic Massage (Pure Products, Balanced Body & Mind) facilitated the creation of these special blends because of my dedication to educating my clients on the importance of taking time to pause, slow down, and to make time for themselves.

I hope you enjoy each soak and each moment that you make for you.


{have a soak}

~ Erica


Vegan-Friendly + Fresh Bath Products
Soaking Salt Blends for a mineral rich bath experience... Herbal Soaking Salt Blends for specific self care bath rituals.

Blended organic & wild harvested ingredients + unique, high quality mineral rich soaking salts.

when you need more than just a plain bath.
make it special. make the ordinary extraordinary


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