{have a soak}


{have a soak} 


My work as a massage therapist inspired the creation of these soaking salt blends and self care products that launched in 2016.

pure balance therapeutic massage    pure products - balanced body + mind


I have had a lifelong passion for my craft as a massage therapist and it fills my heart with purpose to be able to connect with others outside of the treatment room through these offerings.


I love empowering and educating clients and customers on the possibilities to create their own at home wellness experiences.

The importance of clean ingredients for my massage therapy sessions and the {have a soak} product line is a part of my life and work. I've been creating custom organic jojoba and essential oil blends for client massage sessions for decades which inspired the jojoba + essential oil soaking salt blends, the bath + body oils and solar infusions.

All of the ingredients sourced in my herbal blends are of organic or wild harvest origin, or directly from my gardens, seed to product.

The gua sha boards and gemstone rollers also offer options for me to connect outside of the treatment room by sharing at home options with clients and customers for acupressure, meridian points, gua sha technique and history, lymphatic massage and reflexology.


It is a true gift to connect with these beautiful stones to enhance and facilitate the possibilities with self massage and wellness.

{have a soak}

~ Erica


Soaking Salt Blends for a mineral rich bath experience... Herbal Soaking Salt Blends for specific self care bath rituals.

Blended organic & wild harvested ingredients + unique, high quality mineral rich soaking salts.
make the ordinary extraordinary


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