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It’s so good to hear your voice

September plans & goals shifted to a ‘moment by moment’ mentality for my husband and I.

My MIL was diagnosed with an aggressive terminal cancer 9/3 and everything in our lives shifted. Plans, work goals, life goals, home projects, everything. Our “plans” and challenges shifted in our 60 second phone conversation with her about her new health diagnosis.

Brent has been home for less than 10 days this September and I have been back & forth to her home and maintaining our 7 acre property while he has been away.

Our new 2020 routines have been shifted again, and I find myself feeling challenged at times by providing basics for myself. The awareness is there for me which is helping me grow and care for myself in new ways.

Meal prep solo is not as fun or inspiring as cooking for two, but I need to put this into action regardless of how I am feeling each day so that I am fueling my body with what it needs for self care through nutrition.

Sleep health is another priority that I need to address. I have a goal of no phone/computer work after 9:00P for the month of October. I will document my changes and health insights in my heath journal to create perspective on positive progress.

For the first time in many years I have found myself responsible for more focus on just caring for myself while he is away and I’m not always very good with this. The awareness will make me better and healthier.

I’ve also had a shift with communication. Shifting from a natural almost mindless ‘how are you doing?’ conversation starter with my husband, to ‘its so nice to hear your voice’ when we get to chat while he is away. The grief and sadness of this process with my MIL is just that and doesn’t really justify the question of how are you doing? Because we are sad and heartbroken. Instead, I let him know when we do get to chat that

‘it is so good to hear your voice’ ❤️

Connection and being present are a priority. I feel like this intention is relationship self care.

A new new season of self care in new ways.

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