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Jade comb for face + body: tension relieving technique for neck + jaw

This is a simple and relaxing technique to add to your at home gua sha routine with the jade comb for face and body that focuses on the attachment points for the masseter and sternocleidomastoid.

The masseter is a muscle of the jaw that may be overworked with grinding your teeth or TMJ dysfunction. The sternocleidomastoid is a muscle of the head and neck that helps the head rotate and flex and is one of the largest and most superficial muscles of the neck.

This is a simple but more focused technique to add to your general gua sha routine.

Anchor the long side of the jade comb just below the ear and try the following techniques:

•anchor and circle clockwise and counterclockwise

•play with pressure and speed. connect with what feels good for you and your body

It is possible to try this technique with the pocket jade with ridges, but it is more of a teeter totter or rocking technique with that tool.

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