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organic lemon balm + organic passionflower - infused for over 60 days in organic jojoba and blended with citrus essential oils. For body + bath. 


Lemon balm and passionflower are filled with antioxidants and known for soothing skin and also relieving anxiety. This infusion was created to offer you a pause during stressful or anxious times to offer yourself a moment with a nourishing and aromatic application. Jojoba spreads and absorbs easliy and doesn't leave a greasy residue. 


To use: Less is better. For body: use after a bath or shower. Towel dry and apply 5 - 10 drops per body region and massage into skin. For bath: start with 20 drops (the jojoba will disperse and float on top of the water).  Take a handful of bath water and pour over your body, followed by a swiping stroke over your skin to your arms shoulders, chest, legs, and abdomen for a moisturizing bath experience on its own or with a salt blend.  jojoba is pronounced - ho ho ba.


Stress + Anxiety shift: 10 - 20 drops in hands. Massage/apply slowly onto to the skin of chest, shoulders and abdomen. Become present with the application and breathe deeply in your nose and out your mouth 5 times. Have awareness with the unique layers of scents. 


Ingredients: USDA organic jojoba infused with organic passionflower and organic lemon balm, *lime EO, *tangeriene EO, *lemon EO.


SUN EXPOSURE: compounds found in citrus oils—known as furanocoumarins—greatly increase UV sensitivity. Take care to apply product at the end of the day before bed or apply sunscreen after product application before going outdoors.


* = certified organic ingredient.

- vegan

- handmade in NYS

- no synthetic additives or perservatives

- recommend using within 1 year of opening


net wt. 1 ounce


These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. For adult use only. If pregnant or breast feeding, please contact your doctor before use. 



lemon balm + passionflower infused jojoba

  • Store out of direct sunlight and avoid moisture contamination (water in the bottle). Keep cap or dropper securly fastened.

    Jojoba can start to solidify at 50 degrees fahrenheit. This is a natural process that may happen during the shipping process in the winter months.

    Just let the bottle sit out to reliquify at room temperature.

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