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S O L A R  I N F U S I O N  B A T H  +  B O D Y  G I F T  S E T 



  • Ingredients: *rose buds, *english lavender buds, {have a soak}'s home grown calendula petals. *rose, *english lavender, calendula infused *jojoba. Epsom salt, dead sea salt, *sweet orange essential oil, *lemon essential oil, *lavender essential oil. *Indicates certified organic ingredient




INCLUDES a mini wooden salt scoop and 2 herbal canvas bath bags.  



Winter Ritual:

  • Scoop desired amount of the solar infusion bath blend into a cotton bath bag.
  • Hang the bath bag on bath spout while your bathtub is filling.
  • Or place the bath bag on the bottom of your bathtub under the bath spout. Fill your bathtub with extra warm bath water to let the herbal bath bag "steep". (be sure the bag is saturated with water, not dry and floating).
  • >>> Dry brush your body while the bathtub is filling with water. Full body dry brush education link coming soon!!!
  • When the water reaches your optimal soaking temperature, step in slowly and enjoy the warm bath water - when you are ready, squeeze excess water out of the cotton herbal bath bag.
  • Bring the cotton herbal bath bag near your face and nose using both hands
  • Close your eyes and inhale the herbal aromatics through your nose to awaken your senses. Be present with the the different layers of aromatics that you may experience with each inhalation. 
  • After your bath, towel dry and apply the rose, english lavender, and calendula jojoba to your body. Use 5 - 10 drops to each region of your body. Be mindful and slow with the application and massage each region until the jojoba has absorbed into your skin


Soaking salt blends offer you an opportunity and reminder to set an intention to pause


Experience a clean, natural, herbal or unscented, mineral rich and unique soak from processes that are intentionally slow, not rushed or mass produced. Each batch is created with thoughtfulness and love. Ultra rich and moisturizing organic infused jojoba, organic shea and mango butters. Unique and multitextured mineral rich soaking salts that make the water feel soft somehow and organic flowers and herbs are a welcome connection to nature during the sometimes dark and stale winter months.  


These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. For adult use only. If pregnant or breast feeding, please contact your doctor before use. 

solar infusion bath + body gift set 2019/2020 season

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  • Store out of direct sunlight and avoid moisture contamination (water in the bottle). Keep cap or dropper securly fastened.

    Jojoba can start to solidify at 50 degrees fahrenheit. This is a natural process that may happen during the shipping process in the winter months.

    Just let the bottle sit out to reliquify at room temperature.

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